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We design book on local history and personal history.

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A personal history. An art book. A memoir. A family legacy. A corporate identity. A local tale. A testament to the human spirit. Let the design and production expertise, the tools, and the dedication of Reidhead & Company make your ideas a reality.

Reidhead & Company helps folks craft stories through words and images, and then we bring those stories to life in beautifully published and designed books. We create books of all shapes and sizes, scholarly papers and journals, legacy publications for individuals and organizations, personal history books, family history books, memoirs, art books, children’s books, and more.

We are a full-service book publisher and book design studio with a sharp eye for the details of the creative and publishing processes. Reidhead & Company shepherds clients through this terrain and delivers their creative vision in printed form (and sometimes digital). We have a history of taking on interesting publishing projects that don’t fit the mold, and we work with clients of all sizes to create books for both private circulation and mass-market audiences.

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Our Story

It started with a box of letters. And here we are 14 years later.

We write books, and we edit books.

Books, articles, press releases, and websites, from the personal history to the corporate environment, share in common the written word. Writing is a craft, and more than ever, audiences are looking for authentic and meaningful messaging from their favorite authors and brands. We merge technical editing with strong, narrative storytelling.

We design books, iteratively.

Exceptional book design is an invisible framework upon which knowledge and creative content sit in the most natural of ways. This type of design allows the audience to experience the content seamlessly—an immersive interaction. Not all book design studios believe in this and force the content into the design. Here, we allow the content to lead the design process.

We handle the technical details.

Not all book production processes are equal. That’s why Reidhead & Company works with each client to find the publishing, printing, and distribution options that are best for their budget and project.

Our clients have many interests, and so do we.

As a book publisher and book design studio, we have the honor of working with unique individuals from around the globe. Monks, mountaineers, muleteers, the disability community, small businesses, archaeologists, artists, historians, and non-profits. They all had a story to tell, and we helped them.

Selection of Past Publishing Work: