Joseph Reidhead & Company Publishers

We provide publishing, book design, printing, eBook design, and research services to individuals and organizations. We work with individuals to publish their books. We work with organizations to print materials for their unique audiences. We restore and archive old documents for future generations. And we work with everyone to create website solutions that meet their individual needs.


All of our books exceed industry standards in design. To publish excellently designed books, we adhere to the best practices in book design. Whether creating the cover or laying out the text or choosing the best typeface for the material, the books that we publish look fantastic. We do this because we are passionate about books, the printed word, and our craft.

When we design an eBook, we create the eBook to industry standards so that it will look awesome on any device. We develop simple eBooks and enhanced eBooks with interactive features.

For the websites that we build, we use classic and contemporary designs with a focus on clean layouts. The website designs that we use present the material in a way that is attractive to the user and easy to navigate. We use current web design standards in all of our websites, which means the websites will look good on any device and will adapt to future advancements in web design.


Creating a book, a catalogue, or a website is a daunting process for anyone. There are many details to cover and many pitfalls to avoid. Our hard-earned experience will make sure that your project will avoid many of the missteps that delay or ruin many endeavors.

We have created a unique workflow that reduces errors and shortens the development time.

Our crew of talented proofers and editors have worked on projects small and large. They have edited everything from peer-reviewed scholarly books to fiction.


We have extensive experience publishing paperbacks, hardcovers, journals, catalogues, and marketing materials. From Print-on-Demand (POD) to high volume offset printing to low volume archival quality art books, we have the technical ability to format your content to the printer’s specs and to make sure that the final product will look great.


Advancements in printing technology and book distribution allow us to sell books in most locations around the world—in any quantity. Joseph Reidhead & Company Publishers uses a book distribution network that covers the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and beyond.

Our Just-in-Time book printing and distribution model means that your reader—in London, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, New York City, or anywhere else—can order a copy of your book tonight and have it tomorrow.


We understand that marketing is not magic. Marketing is knowledge of the audience and persistence. We develop and manage brands, create strategies, get publicity, integrate social media, and handle search engine optimization.

Archiving and Restorations

We are passionate about preserving the past for the future. We digitally restore and protect significant historical documents and images. We create electronic archives that consist of all types of content. We research the unique histories of individuals and organizations. And we work with the knowledge bearers of our communities to record their stories and understand the past. Sometimes we turn all of this into a fantastic book or website.


Our clients come from all backgrounds and have diverse needs. They include authors, large non-profit organizations, and businesses. For example, we work with authors who write about mules and mountains, publish resource guides for the members of faith-based organizations, create e-commerce websites for successful small businesses, and publish genealogies and histories for families.

View a selection of current and past clients on our clients page.


Whatever your needs, contact us to find out how we can help you. We will create a detailed proposal for your project, and then you can decide if Joseph Reidhead & Company Publishers is the right print and digital publisher for your project.