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Reidhead & Company is a publishing and design studio.

We help folks craft stories through words and images, and then we bring those stories to life. We create books of all shapes and sizes, scholarly papers and journals, legacy publications for individuals and organizations, and more. Simply, we craft stories.

We write, and we edit.

Books, articles, press releases, and websites, from the corporate environment to the humble family legacy, share in common the written word. Writing is a craft, and more than ever, audiences are looking for authentic and meaningful messaging from their favorite authors and brands. We merge technical editing with strong, narrative storytelling. Simply, we help you tell stories—real and authentic stories.

We design, iteratively.

Exceptional design is an invisible framework upon which knowledge and creative content sit in the most natural of ways. This type of design allows the audience to experience the content seamlessly—an immersive interaction. Simply, don’t let the design get in the way of your story.

We handle the technical details.

Not all production processes are equal. That’s why Reidhead & Company works with each client to find the printing, digital publishing, and distribution options that are best for their budget and project. Simply, know when to call the local letterpress shop, when to fire up the Heidelberg, when to scale back to the HP Indigo, or when to just drop it on the internet.

Our clients have lots of interests, and so do we.

Monks, mountaineers, muleteers, the disability community, small businesses, archaeologists, historians, and non-profits. They all had a story to tell, and we helped them.

Now, let’s chat.

If you found Reidhead & Company amidst the labyrinth of the web, then chances are we can help you. Get in touch, and tell us your story.