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All of my clients want to create something. A book. A pamphlet for their members. A product catalog. A modern website. A marketing and branding strategy. Or a low-cost and responsive publishing platform. I have the tools, experience, and dedication to make these ideas reality.

What does it take to publish a beautiful book, draft an informative journal, create a customer friendly website, or manage a publishing platform?

  • A Diverse Skill Set
  • Clear Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Good Relationships

Not only do I bring these traits to each project, I also offer superb quality and service at affordable prices.

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Who Am I

Political analysis in Spain. Marketing in Bolivia. A fascination with words. Nearly 100 titles brought to market.

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As an independent operation, I offer exceptional quality and service at an affordable price. I understand that each creative project is unique and will have its own needs, therefore, I bid each project separately. Contact me to get a quote.

I strive to add value to every project I work on. Further, I treat my clients with respect and integrity.