Book Design Fundamentals

The following is a series of blog posts on book design fundamentals.

Frankly, there is a lot of bad book design out there. I’ve certainly committed my fair share of design sins—I suppose it is part of the learning process. Luckily, if you know a few of the basics, it is easy to dress up that former MS Word manuscript and get a publication that doesn’t hurt the eyes of readers and, worse, interfere with the message of the content.

With a book, we want the design to disappear. Or, put another way, we want the design to create a fluid relationship between the reader and the material.

In the following posts are describe some of the nuts and bolts of creating books and a few best practices in book design.

The Articles

The Modern Book: The Legacy of Jan Tschichold and Paul Renner

Elements of Book Design: The Grid

The Iterative Process of Book Cover Creation

The Basics of Book Binding Types

Creating Elegant eBooks for Academics and Students

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