Publishing Fundamentals

This is a series of blog posts on book publishing fundamentals for new and small publishers.

Book publishing is perhaps one of the more complicated and convoluted businesses to start and operate. Why is that? Shouldn’t book publishing be as simple as Create, Print, and Sell? In theory, yes. But each of these elements includes numerous processes to follow, pitfalls to avoid, and hurdles to overcome. Longtime book publishers go bankrupt and new indy book publishers create the next bestseller, only to then struggle under the burdens of complicated and antiquated sales and distribution systems.

Assume nothing.

Prophets of publishing change have declared that book publishing on the blockchain will create a new paradigm in publishing. Is blockchain really the next printing press or connected desktop publisher? Or is it just another tulip-mania?

In this on-going series of posts, I describe some best book publishing practices (in my opinion). My goal is to help prospective, new, and small publishers build resilient, equitable, and transparent publishing operations capable of producing high quality content deserving of being called a book.

The Articles

A Guide to the Editing Process

Market Forces Affecting Publishers, Content Creators, and Marketing

Books Submissions and Acquisitions

Accounting for Book Publishers

Easy and free Royalty Management for Book Publishers

Book Pricing—Solving the Great Mystery

Quality Control for Books and Content Management

Book Printing: Print Only What You Can Sell

Creating an Oral History Program

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