Cover & Book Design Services

You need a book designer. We design books.

We provide book design, cover design, and Adobe InDesign services to authors and organizations. From family history books to journals to research books to poetry, we are a boutique book design studio that provides personalized book design services to clients around the globe.

What is good book design?

A well-designed book allows the content to shine through. An author or authors spent substantial time and effort to create the words and illustrations, and now we want the reader to fluidly experience the author’s creation with as few interruptions as possible. Good book design allows the reader to lose themselves in the content. Poor book design causes the reader to never reach the end.

But what does that mean? How do we get from an unformatted Microsoft Word manuscript to a printed and beautifully designed book? Keep reading below.

What People Say

We design memoirs and publish personal history books, like Connections.

“Working with you has been a true pleasure and gift.”

– C. Kamler

We work with organizations, like monasteries, to publish books.

“I wish our books looked like yours.”

– Liguori Publications

We publish and design poetry books and mountaineering literature books.

… a heartfelt thank you for the handsome job that you did when you published your paperback version of my book …

– C. Lind

The Process: Layout + Typography

From designing a book’s cover, to laying out the interior of a book, to building an enhanced eBook, here are a few articles I have written that describe the processes:

Elements of Book Design: The Grid
The Iterative Process of Book Cover Creation
The Andes: Creating an Enhanced eBook for the iPad
Creating Booklets for Organizations


Depending on the book design project, we work at either an hourly or fixed rate. For large projects, such as a developmental edit or complex book design, we have found that an hourly rate structure provides the most value and flexibility to my clients. For smaller creative projects and recurring book design services, often a fixed rate helps clients budget and plan accordingly.

We will let you know what the rate is after our initial project consultation. The final rate will depend on factors such as the type of work and the quantity of work. For hourly projects, we will provide an estimate of the hours needed for completion.