Book & Cover Design Services

You need a book designer. I design books.

I provide book design, cover design, and Adobe InDesign services to authors and organizations. Whatever the size of your project, from a family memoir to a series of journals or books documenting scientific research, I am able to provide exceptional graphic design at competitive prices.

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What is good book design?

A well-designed book allows the content to shine through. An author or authors spent substantial time and effort to create the words and illustrations, and now we want the reader to fluidly experience the author’s creation with as few interruptions as possible. Good design allows the reader to lose themselves in the content. Poor design causes the reader to never reach the end.

And what does it take to design a beautiful and useful book?

A diverse, design-oriented skill set

Attention to detail

The capacity to understand the content

Clear and fluid communication

Good relationships

I work with individuals, businesses, and non-profits on projects both large and small. I have produced over 100 publications in assorted subjects over the last decade.

What People Say

Working with you has been a true pleasure and gift.
– C. Kamler

… a heartfelt thank you for the handsome job that you did when you published your paperback version of my book …
– C. Lind

I wish our books looked like yours.
– Fellow publisher at a trade show

The Process: Layout + Typography

From designing a book’s cover, to laying out the interior of a book, to building an enhanced eBook, here are a few articles I have written that describe the processes:

Elements of Book Design: The Grid
The Iterative Process of Book Cover Creation
The Andes: Creating an Enhanced eBook for the iPad
Creating Booklets for Organizations


As an independent operation, I offer exceptional design quality and service at an affordable price. I understand that each creative project is unique and will have its own needs, therefore, I bid each project separately. Clients often find that I offer higher design quality and better value than the bigger competition.

I strive to add value to every project I work on. Further, I treat my clients with respect and honesty.

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P.S. Let’s get technical…

A publication is not just a bunch of words and images slapped on a page, though we certainly see examples of this in all aspects of our lives. An excellent publication requires exceptional design to highlight the narrative and seamlessly convey the message to the audience. Poorly constructed narratives and sloppy design are like bad speed bumps.

Since we are talking about design, lets throw out some styles and names. There is symmetry and asymmetry. Geometric and proportional. Mathematical. And, thankfully, expressive. If we go back to the origins, we have the golden-section and the Fibonacci scale. Honnecourt, back in the 1200s, deviated from the norm, giving us a rather elegant and adaptive layout. Tschichold injected new life into the art. And the Bauhaus continues to inspire today. Renner gave us a great deal of utility with proportional geometric division. The war changed a lot, and modern gave way to post-modern. And then there’s intersection of it all, whew!

Now what about type?! We have Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, and Romantic. Realist, Geometric, and, again, Post-Modern. Within this, the unique choices are almost countless. We must honor the writing we publish, but no one type can do it all. Yet, the wrong type can ruin all.

And then there’s the medium. Are we sticking with print or going digital? Maybe both. 45lb, 50lb, or 55lb? Smooth or bulk? Natural or white? Spot colors, it’ll get expensive. Sheet-fed, web-fed, or digital? Heidelberg or HP-Indigo? Is the digital press sparing with the ink or generous? If sparing, lets not use that Garamond, but Minion or Caslon will do. Don’t forget the digital edition. Fixed layout? ePub? What’s the book and who’s the audience? What about an enhanced eBook with pop-over captions, 3-D elements, interactive images, and equations?

Now off to the printer. Hardcover or soft? Cloth or laminate? A foil stamped spine adds a bit of class. And endsheets too. Is this a perfect bind or sewn? Are the signatures intact or trimmed? And what about saddle-stitch? Gloss lamination or matte lamination; they each have a time and place. How about spot UV or an aqueous coating?

Someone forgot the editing! Well that’s another story…

-Joe Reidhead