Clients & Praise

Author Evelio Echevarria, Ph.D.

Evelio has written the most comprehensive book on mountaineering in South America’s High Andes. Together, we are designing the book and preparing to bring it publication with global distribution. Coming soon, over 800 pages, 300 photos, 50 hand-drawn maps, and detailed histories from pre-Inca to the present.

Author Mimi Rossi

Author Mimi Rossi strives to help others lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Through her book series Growing Up For Grown Ups, Mimi provides readers with practical guidance and inspiration to improve their lives. We worked with Rossi to create layouts for her print books and a seamless design throughout the series.

Author Lonny Thiele

Author Lonny Thiele has a successful series of books that document a bygone era of American history—the mule days. Through oral history, photographs, and illustrations, Thiele’s books preserve this culturally significant part of our history. We work with Thiele to keep inventory low and printing costs manageable.

Author Peter Starič

Slovenian author Peter Starič needed a publisher who could edit and publish the English translation of his memoir about surviving an Italian concentration camp. Before coming to us, Starič had hired a large vanity publisher who delivered a poorly edited manuscript and poor customer service. Additionally, Starič needed us to publish the book as soon as possible. We released the completed book to the public in under three months from the first conversation with Starič. Check out My Life under Totalitarianism at Amazon.

Oblates of Saint Vincent Archabbey

The Oblate Formation Booklet is a comprehensive resource for new and existing Oblates of Saint Vincent Archabbey. The monastery needed us to redesign the book, have it ready to print within a couple of weeks, and handle the printing. We redesigned the book to reflect the tradition of the monastery. And we created a printing schedule that allowed the monastery to order books when they needed them.

Old Mountains Gear Exchange

This outdoor retailer needed a simple and easy to use eCommerce solution that would complement their brick and mortar store. We used WooCommerce to meet their needs.

Author Charles Lind

“This is a … heartfelt thank you for the handsome job that you did when you published your paperback version of my book An Afterclap of Fate: Mallory on Everest in the U.S. … You will understand then when I say, that it is difficult to put into words my feelings when I finally saw your paperback version looking exactly as I had conceived that my book would look. I can’t thank you enough.”

Author Frederick W. Marks

Frederick Marks has a passion. He goes onto the streets of New York, sets up a stand, and talks to any open ears about Catholicism. Whether he is working to bring a lapsed Catholic back into the Church or having a friendly debate with folks with other beliefs, his commitment to spreading the Catholic word is steadfast. We worked with Frederick to polish his book and bring it to publication. Check out Confessions of a Catholic Street Evangelist at Amazon.

Cistercian Studies Quarterly review of Prayer, Study, and Work

“… a gentle, informal, well-sourced look at the very basis of monastic ideals, reaching back into the Fathers and forward to modern church documents and monastic writers, yet with glimpses into the humor the author has found in his own experiences.”