Tao of Davis

The cover for Cheryl Wood's memoir and personal history and family history book, the Tao of Davis.

Tao of Davis: A Story of Developmental Disability in a Mountain Town

Tao of Davis is the heartfelt, honest, and, at times, tearful book about Phelan-McDermid Syndrom and a story of living alongside disability. It is a true tale of surrender to the journey we are given, flowing with crisis, and embracing the sweet moments along the path.

Davis, Cheryl Wood’s son, is the thirty-forth person in the world to be diagnosed with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, a rare deletion on the twenty-second chromosome. Also known as 22q13, the deletion manifests as a bewildering array of developmental, behavioral, and medical issues.

Wood shares the story of how she and her husband cared for Davis while also struggling to meet the needs of their two other children in California’s remote mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, on the edge of the
Great Basin.

Tao of Davis witnesses the courage required to embrace life’s hardships, accept what limitations cannot be changed, and strive to better the remaining opportunities left in the wake of disability.

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The Author

Learn more about Cheryl and her son Davis at her website: https://cheryljwood.com