The Ascent of Denali

The Ascent of Denali: Annotated Edition

In The Ascent of Denali, Hudson Stuck recounts his successful expedition to climb Denali (officially Mount McKinley) for the first time. Though the small, independent expedition faced many challenges and setbacks­—many of their supplies were destroyed in a fire, they climbed in moccasins, and they used locally made ice axes—the team reached the summit of Denali without any loss of life or significant injuries. In addition to documenting the journey, Stuck also provides readers with a history of the ascents attempted before the 1913 expedition. Also included are 34 photographs and illustrations, including Stuck’s original map of the mountain.

This edition contains 40 new historical and biographical footnotes. Also included is a glossary of some of the early named features on and around Denali.

Hudson Stuck (1863-1920) was an Episcopal priest and mountain climber in the United States. Born in London, Stuck moved to Alaska in 1904, where he served as the Archdeacon of the Yukon. Stuck authored several other books about adventures in Alaska, including “Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled” and “Voyages on the Yukon and its Tributaries.”

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