Connections chronicles the stories and journeys of wildlife rehabilitator Cindy Kamler.

Summit Archaeology

Summit Archaeology is chapter one in the history of world mountaineering. This is a history that has remained unwritten to the present day.

Half Dome

The History of Half Dome, Yosemite’s iconic mountain, through the ages, from 500 million years ago to the present day.

The Andes

The history of mountaineering in the Andes has more unanswered questions than that of any other mountain range in the world.

An Afterclap of Fate

An epic narrative, An Afterclap of Fate: Mallory on Everest creates a poetic and convincing account of mountaineering’s greatest mystery.

Downward Bound

Downward Bound: A Mad! Guide to Rock Climbing Downward Bound is Warren Harding’s offbeat and inventive climbing classic. Harding gives readers an introduction to climbing and recounts his first ascents of the Nose and the Wall of the Early Morning Light on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. The introduction to rock climbing and big walls isContinue reading “Downward Bound”


North is a historical tale of arctic adventure, political chicanery, the power of love, and abandonment at the ends of the earth.

Hazard’s Way

WINNER OF THE 2001 BOARDMAN TASKER WINNER THE 2001 BANFF MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL GRAND PRIX Hazard’s Way is the story of a young man’s development and his struggles to cope with strict 19th-century Edwardian family life, with conflicting attitudes toward the Boer War, and with the contradictory influences of the friends he makes in his lifeContinue reading “Hazard’s Way”

My First Summer in the Sierra

In My First Summer in the Sierra John Muir recounts his early travels in the Sierra while working as a shepherd. In the summer of 1869,

Gary Hemming

Gary Hemming—the enigmatic Californian who brought the modern American climbing spirit and technique to the Alps during the 1960s—was a cultural hero in Europe during an era of social upheaval.

Evening Light

The first Briton to climb all fourteen of the world’s 8000 meter summits, George Hazard long ago sacrificed wife and child to his ambitions as a mountaineer. Returning from a trekking trip to take up a commission from his publishers, his truck goes off the road. Emerging from a coma he is confronted by his daughter, Calon, who he abandoned many years before.

River of Hope

In the dead of winter, Joe Reidhead embarked on a 1000-mile canoe journey that would connect two of America’s great rivers—the Missouri and the Mississippi.


In his classic essay on walking, Henry David Thoreau, the famous naturalist and philosopher, extols the virtues of immersing ourselves daily in nature.

The Compleat Angler

The Compleat Angler, Izaak Walton’s fishing classic, is a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing.

The Sea-Wolf

Jack London’s The Sea-Wolf is a novel of adventure, brutality, and survival at sea. Humphrey van Weyden, rescued from a shipwreck, is forced into service aboard the Ghost, a sealing ship under the command of the violent and powerful Wolf Larsen.

Caves of Missouri

In this reprint of a classic piece of cave literature, the famed geologist, J Harlen Bretz, gives a detailed account of the formation and history of Missouri caves.

White Fang

Jack London’s White Fang is the tale of a wolf-dog and its coming of age amongst the violence of the wild northern frontier.

Taking Leave

Fleeing from an imprisoning job and a disintegrating marriage, Anthony Hardman seeks refuge in a remote house on the edge of a lonely moor.

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is the story of Buck, who starts the tale as a domesticated dog living a life of luxury on a Californian estate. However, when Buck is kidnapped to work as a sled dog in the Yukon, he must learn to survive in the harsh, unforgiving wilderness.

Granite Climbs of Missouri

Granite Climbs of Missouri is the most extensive guidebook to the rock climbing routes and bouldering problems of Missouri’s granite heartland—the St. Francois Mountains.