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Half Dome

Half Dome: The History of Yosemite’s Iconic Mountain Half Dome: The History of Yosemite’s Iconic Mountain traces this granite monolith’s story through the ages, from 500 million years ago to the present day. Learn about Half […]

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The Andes

The Andes: The Complete History of Mountaineering in High South America The history of climbing in the Andes has more unanswered questions than that of any other mountain range in the world. This climbing history […]

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My Life under Totalitarianism

Starič describes his life from 1941 until 1991. First his country Slovenia—then the northwestern part of Yugoslavia—was occupied by the Italians, Germans and Hungarians. They divided the country among themselves and the Italians occupied the southern part of Slovenia along with the capital Ljubljana (where the author lived).