North is a historical tale of arctic adventure, political chicanery, the power of love, and abandonment at the ends of the earth.

Lieutenant Parish sails to the Arctic Ocean on the adventure of a lifetime as the leader of the American Arctic Expedition. It is a journey that will make his name in history – if he survives. Unfortunately for Parish, the ultimate survival of the expedition depends on corrupt and inept politicians. However, unknown to Parish in his arctic prison, his new wife, Martha, is a greater ally than he ever realized. As Martha casts off her innocence and overcomes the obstacles of the political machine, Parish struggles to hold his men together in a hostile landscape that pushes the human psyche into new and dangerous spaces.

North is set in the late nineteenth century and based on the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition – which has been called “one of the most shameful episodes in American Arctic history.” The novel explores the tragic story of the expedition’s terrible ordeal and its inevitable end.

Roger Hubank is a prize-winning novelist whose work is largely devoted to exploring risk-taking in a wilderness of one kind or another.

A rock-climber and mountaineer since the 1960’s Roger Hubank has climbed extensively in Britain and the Alps. His work has been published in the United States, in Spain, and has appeared in various editions in the UK. A former Lecturer in English Literature at Loughborough University, he holds degrees from the Universities of Cambridge and Nottingham.

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“Roger Hubank comes close to producing the first great historical novel of the twenty-first century.”

— The Observer

“North was the book that whacked me.”

— Dermot Somers

River of Hope

River of Hope: A 1,000 Mile Winter Canoe Journey for Autism Awareness

In the dead of winter, Joe Reidhead embarked on a 1000-mile canoe journey that would connect two of America’s great rivers—the Missouri and the Mississippi. River of Hope follows Reidhead down these rivers as he braves freezing water, blizzards, massive barges, and hallucinations. These brutal conditions forced him to confront his innermost fears in an environment filled with danger. As though these challenges were not big enough, Reidhead also used the voyage as a platform to raise awareness for autism—a disorder that dwells close to home for the author.

River of Hope is a story of grandiose dreams and humility at the hands of nature. Along the way, Reidhead explores the history and culture of these rivers, and he discovers unexpected parallels between the struggles of his adventure and the struggles of those who live with autism.

River of Hope: A 1,000 Mile Winter Canoe Journey for Autism Awareness
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The Compleat Angler

The Compleat Angler, Izaak Walton’s fishing classic, is a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing. Through prose, verse, song, and folklore, Walton inspires readers to go into nature — to go to its meandering streams and rivers — and fish. Walton teaches us about a life filled with harmony between nature, man, and God; and a life spent in the company of friends and free from the hustle of the city.

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The Sea-Wolf

Jack London’s The Sea-Wolf is a novel of adventure, brutality, and survival at sea. Humphrey van Weyden, rescued from a shipwreck, is forced into service aboard the Ghost, a sealing ship under the command of the violent and powerful Wolf Larsen. Van Weyden must grow stronger and wiser to survive life on the ship, and he will need all of these skills to survive the final challenge.

Jack London (1876-1916) was an American author and journalist. Before finding success as an author, London worked grueling jobs including on a seal-hunting ship, as an oyster pirate, and as a prospector in the Klondike Gold Rush. His writing found success in the then-burgeoning magazine industry.

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