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All of my clients want to create something. A book. A pamphlet for their members. A product catalog. Or an efficient and responsive publishing platform. I have the design and production expertise, the tools, and the dedication to make your ideas reality.

I have been in the publishing industry for over a decade, and during that time I have learned that each book and project has unique needs and challenges. While larger design studios often take the approach of “one size fits all,” Reidhead & Company tailors the design and production to the project. I have a history of taking on interesting publishing projects that don’t fit the mold. I work with clients of all sizes and create books for both private circulation and mass-market audiences.

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Over 100 titles brought to market and 10 years in the book publishing industry.

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As an independent operation, I offer exceptional design quality and service at an affordable price. I understand that each creative project is unique and will have its own needs, therefore, I create an estimate for each project. Rates are typically between $65 to $85 an hour. I will let you know what the rate is after our initial project consultation. The final rate will depend on factors such as the type of work and the quantity of work. Once I quote a rate, that rate will not change for the duration of the project. To see budgets for past projects, view the rates page. If you are ready to talk about your project, contact me.

I strive to add value to every project I work on. Further, I treat my clients with respect and integrity.